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We were very blessed to be able to rent fields right by our cottage to put our rescue horses on and even more blessed when we discovered that along the far side of the field by a patch of wild flowers and plants that always seemed to grow was a natural point of entry into the fairy realm and gnome hq.

There was something about these fields, strange things have happened incuding time slips. One day a woman who kept her horses in a field next to ours appeared at our door very angry that one of our horses was in with hers and causing fights.

That wasn`t strictly true but our horse daisy was in her field. I managed to calm her put a head coller on and led her

The long way round through the lanes back to our field.

The woman was still upset that our horse had got into her field and began to check the only stretch of fence that joined our two fields for signs of how she got in.” I`m going to block up any holes and make sure she doesnt get through again “

“good idea “ , i thought

After a while she returned puzzled as there was no break in the barbed wire, there were no gaps or hoof marks in the soft ground to show where it was possible she may have somehow jumped . I looked at the trees and spikey bushes that lined the barbed wire fence. I examined the gound , there were no broken branches, leaves or hoof marks either side of the fence. If daisy had somehow managed to jump over the barbed wire she would have crashed and broken some of the the branches , especially the very brittle spikey bushes, and as our field was lower than hers the leap would have been so high there would have been deep hoof marks as she pushed off and landed , but there was nothing.

What has happened here , how did daisy get over here ? I returned to our side of the fence and not far from the fairy portal i closed my eyes and began to yune into the energy of the field, asking the question what had happened.

The answer i got was that there had been a time slip. Originally these fields had all been much larger with different bounderies. For some reason , maybe daisy had been in this spot in another lifetime but something triggered this overlapping of past and present times and daisy was transported a few feet which in our time and space was next doors field. Daisy was disturbed by the event and took a while to settle but it let me know that there was something special and unusual about the energy of this field.

Thats why it came as no surprise that this was a haven for a host of gnomes. A place we called gnome hq.

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