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A gnome came to live with us in a cottage i lived in . It was a cottage in alvechurch and as i mentioned earlier it was built close to some old plague burial pitts and i think the gnome came to help protect us and help filter out some of the unwanted guests.

The dogs liked him and you would often see them following him aound the room with their eyes but they never barked at him or looked scared. Animals and elementals share many of the same characteristics and are often but not always elementals in physical form. Any being which has a divine spark can choose any form in which to experience life and grow.

One day a chap came for a healing session at the cottage and he was a nice guy but he`d had problems in the past and at one point had some heavy energy attached to him.he was very sensitive and his third eye chakra was quite open so he often saw things that many don`t.

He went upstairs and when he returned , he was smiling

“whats happened ?”

“well “ he said , “ when i reached the top of the stairs i was blocked by this energy that revealed itself to be a large gnome that said he was checking me out to see if i was ok and if i was i could pass , if not …” And although he didn`t say , he felt he would receive a good shove back down the stairs if he didn`t seem right. Luckily he passed the house gnomes scrutiny and was allowed past.

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