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We headed to the Round Top ,a pivotal battle that could have seen the South win the war , had not the Union troops held out and tho both sides fought valiantly , a daring charge won the day for the federal troops.
as you can probably imagine, a lot of men died that day and chanda and scotty had done a lot of work over the years rescuing soul after soul that fell on the battlefields.

if you knew the thousands upon thousands that died in one day , you can imagine how long it would take to rescue all these trapped souls.

why were these souls trapped ? well in those days if you were not considered whole , people thought you weren`t allowed into heaven , so when people died losing limbs they thought they were barred from heaven, so became ghosts, lost souls , doomed to wander the sites where they died. others died so shockingly that their souls became enmeshed in the ether , while others felt their death unjust or they had done such terrible deeds in the name of war , that they couldn`t move on. tho the reasons were many , the result is the same , a whole host of ghosts trapped where their bodies died.

having helped moved souls on before and through my contact with the Angels , i have come to respect that the Angelic realm knows no limits. …so i suggested calling in thousands of Angels and helping the souls leave on mass…
“can we do that ?” enquired Chanda
“of course , Angels can do anything…”DSC00315


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