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Another time at the cottage in Alvechurch the garden was bordered by trees and bushes and we`d been experiencing some unusual and unpleasant experiences as the cottage had been built next to some plague pits.

As i looked out of the window , the bush opposite took on the very clear form of a mans body, seemingly stepping out of the leaves. When i examined the bush in the bright daylight the next day I appreciated how the tree spirit had used the shadows and the magic of dusk to reach out and communicate.

The nature of the communication was one of appreciation of the energy work we were doing in the area and that it had not gone unnoticed. We`d been clearing lots of old energy from the surrounding fields as we were aware that it was affecting our horses and dogs. Animals are very sensitive to energy and they were seeing the ghosts and the heavy pools of energy that were stagnating on the land.

With a combination of invoking the cleansing energy of the violet flame, Reiki symbols and the angelic and ascended master realms, we’d managed to shift a lot of ancient negative energy left over from the fear and pestilence of the plague time.

The trees and bushes which were the natural guardians of the area were pleased with what we were doing so far and the fact we respected and acknowledged their existence. It made for a very positive atmosphere , so much so that in this instance we were given advance warning that owing to lunar and karmic cycles there was going to be an unusually high activity of ghostly stuff. The tree spirit said they were there to help and offer protection and that our animals would be safe.

In medieval Britain the country was struck down with the black death which wiped out huge sections of the population. The result was that all over Britain huge burial pits were dug and hundreds of bodies at a time were buried quickly to contain the disease.

On a spiritual level this meant that millions of souls became trapped as earthbound spirits or, as they’re more often known as, ghosts. One of the main reasons these souls became trapped was because the prevailing thought of the time was that you couldnt get into heaven if you weren’t clean. The disease was classed as an unclean death, so they thought themselves unfit for heaven.

Another reason souls became trapped was because they were deliberately ensnared by black magicians who literally fed off their soul energy as if they were batteries. These poor souls believed the lies they were told , that they were unfit for heaven and were literally a source of food.

Our cottage was blessed with both types of ghosts. Picture the scene, tired working outside with the horses in our rescue all day, a spiritual talk on the evening, getting back late, a bite to eat then off to bed. Settling down to some well earned sleep when for no reason , the fire alarm goes off. This became a regular signal when things were not energetically right in the house and ghosts and ghoulies were about.

After some hurried house cleansing prayers and settling the dogs down , who were very sensitive to these type of energies, we settled down to sleep. In the early hours i awoke to see a man hanging from a gibbet at the end of the bed. Not the most pleasant sight to wake up to…OH No not more ghosts to sort…

Ghosts are trapped souls , they still have personalities , they have their own unique characteristics and they usually have a desire to either move on , get help or finish unfinished business. All of theses require help and over the years they realise that those who can sense them or help them have a very desirable and instantly recognisable quality. You can`t hide it, you can`t fake it. Its light.

When you step out of the physical realm into the astral ( where the trapped ghosts are )or the higher realms ( where the angels are )you see things on a more energetic level and you can see auras around animals, plants and people.

Like a moth to a flame all things are drawn to light. If you were an unhappy soul drained of light and energy and suddenly you saw a bright light and it gave you warmth and comfort , you`d move towards it. Those people who meditate, do yoga, healing, work outdoors, are vegetarian/vegan will automatically have more light.

Young children too, have only recently returned from the higher realms into physical reality so they tend to be very bright and thus sensitive to spiritual things.lost souls will automatically be drawn to these naturally brighter types.

If you are concsiously working with the light, the higher realms the amount of light around youcan be so bright that lost souls can mistake you for a doorway to the light.

Many people who are very bright are often helping souls to cross without even realising it . It does help explain why people can have bouts of tiredness seemingly come from no where and may be a sign that they are doing spiritual work without realising it.

It was no accident that the cottage we were guided to live in was in a dark twisty country lane called pestilence lane. Because of the spiritual knowledge and work both myself and my partner were doing, we were ideal candidates tocleanse the surrounding land and free the trapped souls. There are no accidents, we were guided to that house.

Because of the work we were doing we were working with a lot of light, so to the astral realm that hangs like a thick fog around the physical world, we were like switching a lighthouse on.all the surrounding ghosts and entities that roamed the surrounding area were drawn to our cottage. For a good year or two every night would bring some new experience, some more creepy than others, all of it was work tho and meant we never really relaxed.

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