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keogh 1863 velvet lapelsFor over a year , my life took another unusual direction and I ended up living in a portacabin literally right next to my horse rescue. It was a special time as I was right back to basics in many ways and had a very close connection with the horses and nature generally.

the days seemed to be filled with sunshine and there was always plenty to do…fences needed mending, horse shelters to be built and some were two man jobs ,which is where my mate Phil comes in.

One day we were taking a tea break  back at  the portacabin when Phil sensed a presence in the cabin with us. We both meditated to tune into what was happening. Phil looked puzzled as he described an American cavalry officer standing in the corner. I smiled and went into the back room and brought out my American civil war cavalry hat I`d bought from Gettysburg years earlier ( the full account of my American trip is coming to the blog soon )

Since a child I`d always held a strong fascination for the American civil war especially the cavalry. After my trip to America a past life as a cavalry trooper was confirmed and I`d been visited by civil war ghosts before , so this came as no shock.

The cavalry officer explained that he was drawn to us to get help as he knew we knew what to do and that their was already this connection of  a past life which drew like vibrations together.

Phil was immediately shown a scene where a young girl in a wooden fort waved her daddy off as he led a small troop of men out to deal with a situation. The troop hadn`t returned by nightfall and the worried little girl wondered where her father was and wanted to see him. This strong desire to see him caused the soul / spirit / astral body ( call it what you will ) to rise up , leaving her physical body sleeping on the bed and she soared into the night sky.

Drawn like a magnet to him , she hovered over a scene which shocked her. Either she saw the battle or the dead body of her father and she was frightened and very upset. This very strong wave of emotion drew to her some dark entities which feed off such  negative energy and  as a child she was very vunerable.

she wanted to go home but as she tried to flee the scene , these dark shadowy beings prevented her. If your soul self can`t re enter its physical body it causes what appears to be a coma like state , for it is the soul self aspect of you that guides the energy through you that animates the body.

The girls physical body must have fallen into a coma and never awoke, as her soul had been trapped right up to this day and this is what the cavalry officer had come to us  for. As I write this , I wonder now whether it was the  girls father but at the time it didn`t occur to me , just a concerned officer from the fort, who was now fully aware of what was really going on.

“She needs to be rescued”, I said to Phil…and this is where we realised what a good team we made as Phil was seeing the visions and I was sending appropriate aid. First Archangel Michael and the Blue Lightning Angels were summoned along with Archangel Uriel and his Ruby ray Angels. Both are warrior Angels who are suited to battling dark forces. We visualized the teams of Angels arriving where the girls soul was trapped . They immediately flew straight into the dark cloud and emerged with very little effort with what I saw as the soul of this little girl. She looked upset but calmer by the second as she was surrounded now by light.

I then called for a portal from the higher realms ( I intuitively knew all this was taking place on the astral realm ) to be opened and the little girls parents to be there to escort her along with the Healing Angels back to the light . There was a wonderful feeling of relief and joy as this family was reunited . Archangel Michael and Uriel then turned their attention to the black mass of energy which was gently surrounded by a blue then violet light and lifted almost in a bag to the higher realms where it would be purified and healed according to its needs.

the cavalry officer in the cabin thanked us for the aid and left saying ” I knew I could count on you “, saluted and disappeared…. I looked at Phil…Phil looked at me…”time for a cup “o” tea….


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