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Driving home late one night, I pulled over to call home with an approximate time of arrival. as I was talking my other half went a little quiet, then asked ” who have you got with you ? ”

“what do you mean ? ” I asked

” I can hear someone talking by you ,¬† have you got the radio on ? ”

” no , I fancied some quiet after doing the talk this evening ”

” well then, whose with you, I can hear them talking ?¬†”

“there`s no one here, well no one physical , hang on while I tune in, you do the same , see what we get ”

we both pieced together the same story but from different perspectives. as I`d driven past this island, it had been the scene of a recent accident. I`d just been giving a talk on Angels and my aura must have been particularly bright as it had been boosted by the Angels working with and through me as I gave the information out. the soul / ghost of the chap who`d been killed in the accident  saw the bright light shining from my car and was drawn to it , perhaps mistaking it for the light that links the physical and the higher realms. as I drove past , he literally jumped in. seeing the light around me , he began to talk away in his confused state , asking for help.

realising the situation , I spoke to the soul and called in Archangel Michael to come and collect him and safely take him on to where he needed to be , I also called on Archangel Raphael to give him healing for the shock of the accident. I felt the energy in the car change, there was a tingling sensation then it was still and I knew he was gone . I continued the journey home and wondered how many other people have picked up etheric passengers….

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