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Rumi was a stray that my wife took in one exceptionally cold winter. he was sat shivering in the back garden in the snow. she opened the door and he ran in. she`d been leaving food out for him for weeks but he`d never come inside. he must have been someones beloved pet as he was very affectionate and loved to just sit on your lap and purr. he`d been seen living rough for a few years , so perhaps his original owner had died and he`d been thrown out. we`ll never know for sure, but his luck had changed for the better again as he`d become our latest family member along with two other cats , who were very accepting of him.

he became a cherished member , nicknamed growler by friends as he had a loud “feed me growl” he lived with us for many years until we found his old body slumped on the side of the road outside the house. it looked like he`d been hit by a car and we pray it was an instantaneous, pain free death. he was old and battered with torn and tattered ears, a fighter and a survivor. we loved him dearly and still miss him.

one night I awoke in the early hours and made my way downstairs. I had a feeling of expectation and saw some flickering blue lights at the bottom of the staiors that disappeared as soon as I focused on them. I wondered if perhaps I might see a glimpse of my father, who passed away earlier in the year previous. it was one of those strange kind of feelings, probably not helped by the pitch blackness. Tired I made my way to the kitchen for some water. Timmy our other male cat was asleep on the worktop and he jumped down expecting some food. I poured a drink and made my way back to the stairs. the door was open slightly and we keep the cats downstairs at night , so I made my way quickly from the kitchen across the dining room to the door that leads to the stairs. as I lifted my foot for the first step, I felt the furry body of a cat against my skin. I quickly leaned down for the lamp light switch which was right by the door to see which of our cats was trying to sneak upstairs. Timmy was still in the far end of the kitchen and Clio looked sleepily up at me from the table. they were both no where near me and the door.

looks like Rumi had come back visiting.

I told my wife in the morning and she replied that’s funny , at tea time before I got back home she was sat in the dining room and looked round as she heard the cat flap noisily open and heard Rumi`s familiar ” hello , I`m back and want food ” growl , but there was no one there…

he`s just letting us know he`s ok and he`s around .we`ve both since seen him from the corner of our eye and it also reminds me of my wifes prayer upon his death. she asked for him to pass safely across to the best place possible in the higher realms , but that he was verywelcome to stay or visit whenever he wanted. she then asked for a sign that she would know he`s ok. she asked to see his name Rumi in print , but not any of our books or papers. a few days later we received a handwritten card with a quote from the spiritual poet RUMI  ( where he got his name from us from ), as I passed it to my wife , she smiled and got a bit upset and explained to me she`d asked for this sign. “then you`ll like this too , I said  ” as I passed my mobile phone over to her, I`d just seen and shared this beautiful quote on Facebook and of course it was another Rumi quote. for the third and final confirmation the name Rumi jumped out at us from the credit roll at the end of a film we saw later that evening. thankd Rumi, glad you`re safe and happy. God bless Rumi.

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