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it was a sunny afternoon and I was following my partners car home after we`d done a mind /body /spirit event and needed two cars for all the stock. about halfway home my phone rang and my partner asked when I`d stopped and picked up the little boy sitting beside me, ” who is he ? “, she asked

” I didn`t know there was any one sitting beside me, I haven`t stopped anywhere as you know , I`ve been following behind you ”

” then you`ve picked up a ghost boy , I can see him in my rear view¬†mirror , but when I turn round I can only see you¬† ? ”

we`d pulled over by this point and for some reason , I couldn`t see or sense him, but I knew Archangel Michael could sort it out , so I called him to collect the ghost boy. I spoke to the boy and told him not to be afraid and that there was going to be a bright light and he could go home and see some family and friends , if he chose to go with Archangel Michael.

” he`s just disappeared, I can`t see him in the rearview mirror anymore ”

“good, he`s gone home , lets hurry back and get some tea on…”

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