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daisy 1793Soul groups are coming together to complete their spiritual missions. You may have felt the urge to join a group or just do something but you`re not quite sure what… As the world starts to descend into growing madness, instead of feeling powerless , why not seek out a spiritual group , or start one ?

Working with the VIOLET FLAMEĀ  can empower you by giving you an energetic tool of mercy to send to any situation you feel moved to. The nature of the VIOLET FLAME energy is such that it raises the vibration of any energy it comes into contact with. Whether its negative thoughts or feelings, physical or emotional pain felt by you , people or the animal kingdom , you can direct this energy into any situation and make a difference.

I had a vision when I was young of all these armoured knights riding white horses gathered on a hilltop looking down at a burning city. We raced down to save all we could. As my spiritual journey unfolded , the sense of a spiritual army gathering became stronger but I struggled with it as it didn`t quite seem the peaceful path of an “angel-man”.

I now accept that as a spiritual being we have many facets, the same as a diamond and we need to “wear different hats ” to suit different occasions. Sometimes we are the healer, sometimes the teacher and sometimes we need to be the warrior.

After the April Violet Flame Gathering, one of the group said she saw King Arthur approach from the centre of the room and as she looked at the group , we were all dressed as knights…

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