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DSC01054After our cleansing work up at Rennes les Chateau , we decided to teak a well earned break and headed back to the farmhouse we were staying . Collapsing into the room , I lay on the bed and rested before we went out for an evening meal.

the window was open and the warm late afternoon sun still filtered into the room. Not quite asleep , I smiled at the childrens voices playing in the garden below my room…funny I thought, I met all the guests that were staying here at the meal last night and there were no children.

there was obviously some  celebration going on as I could hear laughter and singing like a small party was in flow. Lets take a look , I thought as I pulled myself from the bed and headed to the window. I looked down but there was no one there, although it was quite a large garden , I could see all of it from my 1st floor window. Odd ,I thought and went back to the bed. As I sat down , the party started again. Jumping up this time I went straight to the window. Nothing. the voices had stopped and there was no one there….I`m losing the plot , I thought, must be all that stuff up at the Chateau …

I decided to get 40 winks in before getting ready to go out and as I started to relax again, the voices and the party sounds came back. I`m not getting up again , I thought. I know , I`ll try meditating on it…

Meditation could perhaps be re named tuning in for me , as that is what it does. I allowed myself to fine tune to the sounds below my window and sure enough I began to see a celebration taking place. The garden was filled with Elementals, particulary Gnomes…I love gnomes…very underated and special are gnomes… anyway I asked them what was going on and they said they were celebrating the healing work we`d done….

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