There are four groups of elementals:

  • Earth
    • Gnomes and Elves (also includes Dwarfs)
  • Air
    • Sylphs and Faeries
  • Fire
    • Salamanders
  • Water
    • Undines and includes the Mer people

These are guided by great beings of light:

  • Earth
    • Virgo and Pelleur
  • Air
    • Aries and Thor
  • Fire
    • Oramasis and Diana
  • Water
    • Neptune and Luara

The Elemental realm is also represented on Earth by the animal kingdom. Each animal is an elemental, a living being with a soul and a feeling body. This is why its best to view animals as our little brothers and sisters and not eat them.

As elementals they, in turn, are guided by and are part of the Angelic Realm. They are all sacred beings to be loved and respected. The true relationship between the animal/elemental kingdom and mankind has not really been fully understood since the early days of Atlantis. Animals have many roles, but in the main they are here to help us open our hearts and become more loving beings. They are on their own evolutionary path as well and many will become Angelic guides themselves.

The Workshop

Elemental Workshops will include music and meditations to link in with each realm and build a relationship with them. Elementals can help with everyday life and will often protect people, animals and property for you. They can help turn gardens into beautiful healthy places and plants to grow magnificently (see Findhorn in Scotland), they can assist with healing (both client and practitioner)… the list is endless… come and listen to some of my experiences with many different types of elementals including Gnomes, Leprechauns, Unicorns, Muses, Lords of the Woods and Trees…

There will be 5 or 6 guided meditations throughout the day connecting us to the Earth and heavenly grid.

Connecting with the earth grid

Within each physical heart is the heart chakra . Within each chakra is the secret chamber of the heart. Within each secret chamber resides the three fold flame , the divine spark sometimes called the soul of the person.

From the 3 fold flame project a ray of light along your spine passing through the solar plexus, sacral and root/base chakra. Passing through the soles of your feet into the earth chakra and then into mother earth. Send the ray deeper and deeper until you connect with the earth grid.

You may connect along a line or on a point. Feel your connectedness.

Connecting with the heavenly grid

Just as there is an earthly grid, so there is a heavenly one.

Project your ray upwards from the secret chamber of your heart through the throat chakra, third eye, crown, above the head through thesoul chakra then into the sky.

You will reach a point and at the moment you connect you will be suspended between heaven and earth on a cosmic cord that allows heaven and earth to be united and energy to flow through you according to need.

Once you’ve conciously connected to the grids any part of your soul mission or journey connected with working with the earth energies will be either triggered or boosted