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On an early autumn morning in September , my wife and I headed into Sutton Park for a coffee and a walk…we felt drawn to go and as we drove through the entrance , I began to sense elemental movement in the surrounding trees…

“There’s something going on ” , I remarked

After coffee and green tea , we set off for a walk in the green. It wasn’t long before I was drawn to a huge tree. I was in pain with my shoulder and thought I’d ask a tree to draw the pain out . I stood with my back ( and pained shoulder ) against the trunk and asked if the tree would help heal my pain.

Almost immediately , I felt my consciousness start to merge and as it did my mind was flooded with strong images , I believe the tree was sending me.

I was shown two great beings of light , either Angels or Lord and lady of the wood , heading a large and colourful procession of all kinds of elemental beings.

Although not a voice as such , I heard or understood that I was witnessing a large elemental meeting to discuss what was happening in the Amazon ( great fires and man made destruction was going on)

All life is connected . the trees in particular are linked and communicate through their root system.

I think I was being shown this , as within a few days I would be holding my monthly violet flame gathering. We could create a huge amount of healing energy to support the healing process for the great forests.

Just as I was thinking of asking questions,someone walked past and broke the moment , but the message had got through to me…


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