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DSC00289DSC00409Before I set off on my American adventure , I went for an Angel card reading. I suppose I wanted some reassurance of  my journey abroad… there was general good omens and then something a little different , that I forgot about but luckily scribbled hastily down into my journal I was taking…

With the excitement of travel and meeting new people the reading was soon forgotten.  The first part of my journey flew me into Detroit , where I was to play some acoustic songs at a ” staff and students ” end of term concert and some informal talks to the students in classes throughout the day..

Next I flew to Washington to do some spiritual workshops to some groups there. On arriving I was welcomed into Kathleen and Breighton s home. Having only met briefly on top of the Tor in Glastonbury , it was very generous and lovely of them to invite me in.

Their youngest daughter came in and although apparently nornally cautious of strangers we took to each other straight away . We played music together jamming on piano and guitar and just had a lot of innocent fun.

She then turned to me wide eyed and very serious and said

” you must come and look at my altar ”

I dutifully followed to be shown this wonderfully colourful , huge Egyptian altar…she was fascinated and obsessed with Egypt…

later that night I picked up my journal to jot down some of the days happenings when it fell open to the notes I’d written on my Angel card reading.. one paragraph jumped out that I barely remembered writing. ..

” you will meet someone who was your child from an Egyptian lifetime. You will feel a great bond with them ..


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