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There are dreams and there are dreams. Some are more vivid and striking than what we consider real life. After my journey through life I now consider the dreamscapes we create and take part in to be more real thamn the physical, but that is for another post.

I dreamt that I left a performance of some kind and walked back through the snow towards my parents house. Someone was commenting that it was a shame that children were playing in the snow as it churned it all up and it didn’t look neat anymore. I told them children needed to play, we all did and that it was beautiful to make marks in the snow its just part of life.

I arrived at my parents house. There were no lights on,so I let myself in and walked through the hall to the kitchen. It looked like no one was home,then I saw the sliding door that led to the back garden was open.

I saw my dad’s outline as a shadow and instantly heard him call my name with such love and excitement that I ran through the door and hugged him tight.I could feel his presence but not see him as if I had my eyes closed. I just kept repeating how much I missed him.

I woke crying. I realised in the dream that he was dead and this was a rare chance to consciously connect with him.

So strong were the images and feelings that the dream in allies intensity stays with me and poured out into a powerful acoustic song that found its chords and melody while I stayed in am old Manor house in mid Wales.

It will appear on a very personal album, yet to be recorded but tentivly called Dragonfly Days.

Having spoken to others who have lost people and meet them in dreams,the open doorway seems a common theme. Maybe they are symbolic representations of the threshold the soul has crossed.maybe we are allowed to cross them for short periods to unite and have closure.maybe they literally are gateways to different levels of life and consciousness. Whatever the truth, it felt very real and i am grateful for those extra moments with my father.God bless you dad, I love you.

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