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I dreamt of my father last night,  he was in the kitchen of my parents house and we were casually talking between rooms…I awoke shortly after and was annoyed with my self that I hadn’t realised in the dream that he was dead and spoken more.

I told my mother in the morning about the dream and she went quiet.

” I heard noises last night,  downstairs in the kitchen, but I wasn’t afraid, then I fell back asleep and dreamt of your father ”

He was obviously about and letting us know. He visits mom regularly, waking her some mornings calling her name loudly but softly. He’s pulled the bed sheet away once but his most physical presence was on one morning when my mother had difficulty getting up. She’s had both knees replaced and some mornings, if she’s lain in an awkward position she finds it a problem to move them.

This was one of those times and she couldn’t move.then she felt a hand touch her leg, hold it and lift it to the floor and then IMG_20151022_172831 she could move herself…” thanks Baz ”

He was always a gentleman ready to help…

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