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FB_IMG_1445531243190My father became very ill, a broken hip on top of a failing liver led to a  stay on Life support,  catching Mrsa  and eventually becoming bed ridden at home.failing eye sight and deafness completed his difficult situation.

Our family cared for him as best as possible but it soon became apparent he needed 24 hour care. Nurses came at least 4 times a day to turn him, administer medicine and apply cream and fresh bandages for his swollen painful legs.

As his world became smaller and smaller my father became more and more eccentric and sensitive in other senses,I think to makeup for his loss of others. He began to see past lives and alternative or parallel lives which he described in great detail.he also asked for a large cuddly teddy. My father had never been into teddy bears even when he was a child but eager to please we bought him a large cuddly teddy that slept with him on his bed every night

Many of the treatments and movements caused him a great deal of pain and discomfort and my mother used to hear him confiding in teddy when he thought she was out of earshot, about some of the things he was going through. It’s as if teddy became his confident and acted as a release valve for some of his frustrations at his predicament.

The sad day came when my father died. It was a peaceful passing  with us all around holding his hands and praying for him.

He was a true character and everyone who knew him fell a little bit in love with him. A humorous talented gentleman, the nurses especially grew to be some of his most ardent fans. There were several who he really connected with but one in particular became very close and a family friend. She asked for a little something to remember him by and my mother knew she had some grandchildren and suggested his much loved teddy.

A perfect idea as everyone knew how much dad loved the bear and it was a great moment to remember him by. The nurse took the bear home and it was quickly claimed by her granddaughter that it was hers and no one else’s.her brother’s turfed out of his chair and it was given to teddy.

Teddy was much loved but his origins as my gathers bear was unknown to the children. Due to the often unpleasant nature of nurses work she never spoke to the family, especially the children about what she actually did.

Our nurse was standing in the kitchen talking to her daughter when the granddaughter ran in, “mummy mummy,  can I have some cream and bandages?  ”

“what for ?  ”

” teddy’s legs are hurting and he’s asked for them to have some cream on and wrapped in bandages ”

The nurse was shocked.

I like to think that the bear was so close to my father it absorbed some of the energy and recorded some of the scenes it was a part of,  like a furry cassette recorder..whatever the case it was definitely echoes of my father.


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