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20140601_20494520140601_204956how many times have you felt drawn to visit an ancient site or stone circle ? is it just to fill a Sunday afternoon or are you responding to an inner calling ?

on the bottom of our feet we have chakras and these are activated through pressure and energy as we walk. when we walk those ancient sites , we`re actually walking on ley lines and energy centres that they were deliberately built on . there is an exchange. our energy and dna triggers the ley line energy and vice versa. sometimes we need to visit certain places to receive wake up and development codes that activate the very cells of your body.

sometimes its to re visit a previous lifetime or energy which needs to be healed. sometimes we are retrieving soul fragments. if we have a particularly dramatic life time and a rather shocking end , part of our soul energy splinters off and can be trapped in a certain physical location, lodged in the ethric records. ( see my visit to the American civil war site of Gettysburg , where I retrieved one such fragment )

sometimes our energy is needed to clear blocks on the ley lines and as you walk along , without even realising you could be doing a great service.

group energy just through the mechanics of sheer numbers is a very powerful and often much quicker way of clearing and cleansing these ancient power lines so if you`re drawn as a group to visit somewhere it could be that there is a big energy block that needs shifting. if you add the power of meditaion and mantras to this equation it starts to become a very powerful  mix. sometimes that’s not appropriate though , so just walk the site en mass and enjoy…

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