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There are many different types of Angels . The Angels assosiated with the Blue ray are the BLUE LIGHTNING ANGELS. These Angels are under the command of ARCHANGEL MICHAEL and FAITH. Everybody has a Guardian Angel and these are made from the ranks of the Blue Lightning Angels and all are assigned to you from Archangel Michael.

so how can the Angels of  Protection actually help you ?

first of all you need to ask . This can take the form of a prayer or a thought said outloud or in your head. the important thing is to give the Angels permission to act on your behalf in this world.


i was given a bubble of blue energy around my car that meant when another car hit mine there was no damage done to mine at all . the blue bubble of protective energy absorbed all the energy of the impact . i was stationary at the time, waiting to turn right at a junction , when a car rammed into my back bumper shunting me out 2 feet into the main road. It was quite an impact to move my stationary car , yet when i got out to survey the damage , much to the surprise of the other driver ( and i must confess myself as well…i always ask for protection , but didn`t expect it to be so practical and physical )there was no damage to my car at all….thanks Michael

One of the things that attracted me to working and sharing information on the Angelic Realms was the fact that by calling to them for help you can actually get physical , practical help. On a number of occasions now ( more details in later blog entries ) i`ve had protection that defies logic and science .  The  world we live in is very skeptical and quick to doubt and challenge anything that does not fit into neat little scientifically proved boxes .I have had my proof that the world we live in isn`t as solid and limited as some of humanity and society would have us believe and as you explore your spiritual journey , you`ll have your experiences and proof , that will turn this from something of passing interest to a life changing event.

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