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DSC00305as a child i`d always been fascinated with the American civil war…i had all the toy soldiers and sang all the old civil war songs as i re fought all the battles…” who taught you that song ? ” my mother would ask her 5 year old son..” i don`t know , i just know it ”

i was fascinated by cavalry and the teams of horses that would pull the as i was introduced to Chanda, local ghost hunter i wasn`t surprised as she stared at me and said
“you were in the civil war ”
“i know i was ”
“you were union cavalry attached to the artillery ”
“sounds about right , was i an officer ? ” , my ego asked
“no ” she smiled , just a trooper..
“oh well…”i replied
“my husband is fascinated with the civil war, he was a confederate in a past life, would you like to go to a battlefield ? ”
my two mile wide grin gave all the answer i needed…DSC00302

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