Through a series of short guided meditations we will meet many of the Archangels and get them to bless a crystal or stone the child has picked.  This experience leaves the child with a strong connection to the angelic realm and a physical reminder through the crystal of the connection they have made.

I have had wonderful results with Archangel Michael blessing blue stones and the result for the children has been that any bullying has stopped and they are filled with a general sense of protection.  We look at all the various qualities and gifts of the different angels so they know who to call on for specific needs.  Many children worry over exams and tests but start to relax once they know that Archangel Jophiel and Christine are helping them, just holding the crystal they have blessed often fills them with a confidence that shows itself in results.

After the meditation I like to encourage the children to ‘draw’ what they saw.  As children are usually more naturally in tune with the higher realms they have an ability to link in and see clearly.  The resulting pictures often amaze parents and the other children as they frequently see the same things without conferring with each other.

Archangel Michael carries a sword.  When I asked the children to draw Archangel Michael they all included the sword and surrounded the blade in blue flames which is not commonly known and I didn’t tell them about.  They also drew jewels upon the hilt of the sword which, again, is a detail I never told them about but have seen myself.  The children jealously guarded their drawings not letting their neighbour see what they were doing and were all genuinely surprised to see the similarity.  This confirmed in their minds and their parents that they were actually experiencing something real rather than imaginary.

The children go home with the crystals as a reminder of the day, together with their pictures and in the knowledge that they are always safe and protected.