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If you are blessed with either feeling / sensing the presence of our invisible friends or you can see with your physical or inner eye , you still need to practise discernment.

In my ego or lack of patience , i once sensed a very strong feminine presence enter the room. I think i was tired after a full day so rather than taking a few moments to quieten my mind and tune into the presence i just blindly accepted this was the mighty feminine warrior mighty astreya , who obviously was just popping by to see if i was ok , as you do…

“are you sure ?” Came my partners reply

“yes “, i answered but i tuned in just in case.

Sure enough as i tuned in there was this beautiful blond warrior angel with long hair and armour that shone with a blue tint,

“ its mighty astrea , i thought i then tested her by the sacred power of 3

When you are in the presence of a higher being, by their very nature you are usually sensing them in some form and probably seeing them with your inner or third eye. This means that you are open to being deceived. There are lots of humans about , most of which are trustworthy , lovely souls but there are a few who are learning some difficult life lessons and may have chosen a life of crime. Hence we take precausions and lock our cars and homes in case they try to steal them.

So it is with the spiritual world , there are lost souls ( ghosts ) entities and darker beings who also exist in the “invisible “ realm that includes angels, archangels, guides, elementals and masters. You need to be able to differentiate between the good guys who want nothing from you but to help your soul evolve and the bad guys who basically want to drain you of energy leaving you feeling tired , ill and suscepitable to being influenced.

We`ve already mentioned that the feeling that comes with this invisible being is your first line of discernment. The second is the law of 3.

Ask whoever you are sensing to..

“show me the love that you feel for me, show me the love that you feel for me , show me the love that you feel for me.”

By the power of 3 the being that you are sensing must reveal their true identity and intent. Its a sacred law , i believe put in place to safeguard us in this difficult but ultimately rewarding testing ground that is third dimensional reality.

What happened to me was that as i challenged this feminine presence i initially believed to be the mighty astrea, her smiling face soon changed to a grimace then the very flesh seemed to dissolve into a skull like head upon a body. It turned out that far from being a mighty angelic warrior , she was actually a sexual entity that would have attached herself to me and drained as much life energy as possible.

Again invoking the power and law of 3 , i called archangel michaels name 3 times and he came and collected this being to take it to where she belonged.

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