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What is more real the physical 3rd dimensional reality or the dreamworld ? If you consider who you really are , i think most people would agree that you are not your body but a consciousness that lies within. Some would caall it your soul or even describe it as a ball of light or a living flame that resides within your physical temple.

We are here to learn and experience and grow. The eternal part of you , the living flame or divine spark is not a physical thing as we accept it in 3rd dimensional reality. You would not expect a surgeon during an operation to see the soul or divine spark within , yet most perceive that there is something more to us than just a physical body. I remember when i saw my grandad die i felt his soul essence leave his physical body and i was holding the hand of an empty shell. It was a strange moment as i felt his excitement as he crossed into freedom , yet as i looked at his body i was overwhelmed by the sadness that he wasn`t going to be around phyically anymore and as my eyes fell upon a photo of him laughing , full of life with my nan , i cried.

When the physical body rests, sleeps or dies , the soulself or astral body can step outside the limitation of the physical world and travel anywhere around the world.

As you step out of the body you are in the physical and astral realm. The astral realm is the lowest of the higher realms and contains all manner of beings and energy that cant reach the higher realms as they are too heavy.

The astral realm is also where a lot of dream and nightmare experinces take place. Those dreams where you find yourself unable to get away, falling or feeling some extreme emotion are deliberately created scenarios in the astral realm to drain you of energy. The more extreme emotion they can make you feel in this dream like state the easier it is to access your energy and the more they can take.

We think that our thoughts, dreams and fears are all hidden away inside our heads but in reality they are not . They are not swimming secretly aound inside our skulls but are in fact shimmering in our auric fields on show for any to see or tune into who has that skill.

Sometimes when the more dramatic emotional periods of our life happen we get so overwhelmed and confused we seek outside guidance.we seek out people who have a better connection to the higher realms than we have in these troubled times. We go for some kind of psychic reading or guidance

Some of these people are really in tune with the higher realms and the angels and masters use them to get messages and guidance through to us when we don`t seem able ourselves. Some people are what i feel are readers and when you go to them for help they more likely than not are reading whats going on in your aura.

Discernment when you are at your most vunerable isn`t always easy but is definately neccessary.

So your aura betrays all your deepest darkest dreams and fears , so when your dreaming and your astral body / version of yourself is travelling , there are entities that live in the astral realm observe whats going on in your aura and re create situations that you love or fear to entice you into a drama that you will believe in. Once the entities have drawn you in they try and guide you into a situation that will make you release huge amounts of your life energy.

These astral entities are not like human souls. We are constantly connected and fed nourishing light from our highest self, our god/goddess self, our i am presence. These astral entities have no higher connection nurturing and feeding them , so they need to steal their food (light ) from people and animals.

It was in such a situation i found myself in. Although i go to sleep saying prayers ( with the aim to keep my vibration high so my soul will travel to the higher realms)i found myself in a nightmare. Now i love animals , especially dogs but in this dream i was being chased by a demonic hound from hell. It was huge and after me and i was very scared but at some point i realised that this wasn`t very likely and i realised that i was on the astral plane dreaming.

I immediately called to archangel michael to save me and sure enough i felt myself being lifted out of the situation.

When you call out to michael for assistance he comes no matter what realm you are in as he responds to the soul call.

I awoke in my bedroom and in great relief i looked around and as i did i realised the bedroom i found myself in wasnt my bedroom now but the one i grew up in as a child. In that moment i realised the image of my childhood bedroom had been plucked from my subconscious and that meant i was still in the dream.

As the realisation struck me , sure enough the hound from hell lept through the door and sunk its jaws into my arm. The pain was intense.

If you feel pain in a dream its confirmation that you are experiencing a reality on the astral plane. If you think about it , the only true reality , is that which doesn`t fade and is eternal. The 3rd dimensional reality we believe in , is whats known as a passing reality,in that is is real , our choices , descisions and actions have consequences that we can learn by, but its not the ultimate reality.

The physical world we live in can and does fade , as do our bodies but the flame that burns within, your divine spark, your soul , that is the real, eternal part of you . When you are out of your body , dreamingor astral travelling , that aspect of you is part of the divine spark so its more real than your physical body because this astral version of yourself doesn`t fade.

In this sense the dream state is more real than the waking reality we usually accept as real.

When you feel pain in a dream or are affected the whole day when you wake because of whats happened in a dream its because on some level you`ve had a very real experience.

So there i was being eaten by a hound from hell and realising i was still on the astral plane . I was just about to call out to archangel michael when i realised that for some reason that hadn`t worked out so well before and i had a moment of clarity . I realised that even if i called to michael to wake me from this dream , what would i be really waking into, what is really real ?

So instead of turning outwards for help , i turned inwards to my own god self, my i am presence. I called to my i am prescence to lift me out of this situation and save me.immediately i felt a lifting sensation only this time i was flooded with a complete peace and felt a tingling sensation all through my body.

I awoke and reflected on the dream and thought no more of it until i was at a spiritual meeting a few days later. I was meditating and receiving some healing during a session when my head started to powerfully vibrate and tingle so much i opened my eyes and asked what was going on.

I immediately received an answer in my mind which was confirmed by the healer next to me. I hadn`t told anyone about the dream but she said “ you are being given a gift as you passed an unexpected test . During the dream state instead of turning to the heavenly hosts to save you , you saw through the greater illusion and reached out to your god self to save you. You are being given a gift that your crown chakra petals are being cleaned so you can absorb more wisdom “

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