I have realised that many parts of my journey that took me from one end of the British Isles to the other and from the South of France to the United States of America were tied in to a vision I had of the Spiritual destiny of the British Isles and its connection with Atlantis.

Athanasius_Kircher's_AtlantisWe will discover where and when Atlantis was, why it disappeared below the waves, the connection with crystals and the implications for the world we live in today.

There are many fascinating ideas and inventions in our world that originated from this vast continent, which was also known as ATLA. We usually also touch upon that other fabled ancient continent, Lemuria.

This talk covers knowledge given to me through meditation and tracks the many ancient sites I was guided to visit including Glastonbury Tor, sacred stone circles in Dorset, Derby, Wiltshire, Scotland and the Orkney Islands.

The workshop will also cover the history of the human race and its origins with the different root races. We will look at a version of the fall of man when laggard souls infused with the current soul race resulting in the holding up of the soul journey and advancement of that group, which has affected every subsequent root race that has incarnated on Earth to this day.

This past knowledge can help explain some of our preferences today as we look at some of the Atlantean ways, including crystal healing, colour therapy and their advanced understanding of the Earth’s natural electro-magnetic energy. We will look at the way they used the the leylines and crystals to power them up to create natural flying ships and manipulate huge blocks of stone to create wonderful buildings.

Through guided meditations we will journey back to Atlantean Times and access visions of past lives and the times if it is appropriate to the highest good. Atlantis covered many lifetimes and not all were a positive experience. We will connect with our highest self, the I Am presence, initially to ensure that any resulting experiences are according to the highest good for the soul concerned.