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The spiritual journey is filled with wonderful experiences and tests. The more knowledge you gain the more power you gain. With this comes responsibility and the need for discernment.

Many times situations will present themselves that may appear to be a great gift when in fact they are actually the reverse. They can still be a great gift , but through learning a difficult lesson. How many times have you experienced someone who`s met someone new , that is the love of their life, their perfect other half, their twin soul/flame . They commit to a relationship then more often than not something happens and it turns out not to be like they thought.. (in fact it happened to me , but thats for another time …)

The most important toolthat you can use in discerning what is wrong and right is your feelings. If you have an uncomfortable feeling , if questions about wat you`re doing won`t quieten down in your mind and go away , then there is something wrong.

The world most people live in is designed to clog your mind and keep you distracted from the discernment of your feelings. It is why we are bombarded at every turn by music, noise, negative energy. Why the media and games constantly saturate us with images and sounds that de sensitize us . The food and drink we take is irradited and contaminated with harmful chemicles . The air we breathe is often congested with pollution and chem trails. It all adds up to a rather sombre picture that results in the most part for us becoming less in tune with the finer vibrations and guidance of our feelings and more in tune with the head which can be easily led.

Its interesting to note that the idea of blessing your food, saying prayers of gratitude and thankfulness and even as some religions promote, the act of chanting prayers of purification whilst the food is being prepared actually has a practical purpose of changing the energy of the food you`re about to intake. So some of the social nicities that have been handed down such as saying grace at the dinner table may actually ( if you`re saying it with real intention )be actually adding years onto your life by cleansing it of impurities.

Apart from using your feelings as a clear indicator of discernment you can also use the sacred power of 3.

If you say prayers 3 times , make the points of your argument in 3 parts you invoke the power of 3. This divine law was once commonly known but now its become mainly an instinctive knowledge. In spiritual terms if you need assistance from the higher realms , saying or praying in lots of 3 puts you into direct contact.

If you needed the assistance of the emergency services in the united kingdom , you would dial 9 9 9 ,and you would have access to physical help. If you require angelic / spiritual assistance you can call, archangel michael s` name 3 times ( either outloud or as a form of prayer ) and he receives the call almost instantly ( as if you dialled his private number ) it is cosmic law that calling his name 3 times alerts archangel michael that his presence is needed.

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