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I told a friend of mine ,( who wasn`t particularly interested at the time) about the law of michael in a passing conversation and thought no more of it till he rang me several days later and shared his experience.

My friend owned a lovely large old house and had gone to bed as normal when the room seemed darker than usual , he became aware that there was a different feeling in the room and he didn`t like it. He`s not the type to be scared of things that go bump in the night and as he lay in his bed a cloud of darkness descended upon him and he felt himself being smothered ( this is an experience i`ve had myself – see “tests part 1 “ )

He suddenly remembered our conversation a few days earlier and he called archangel michaels name 3 times. He then saw what he described as a blue flash of lightning and the atmosphere instantly lifted and the oppressive darkcloud vanished.

I hadn`t told my friend but archangel michael works on the blue ray , which is the colour of protection, strength and communication.

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