My Angel workshops vary according to the souls who attend but I have a theme for each one with space to let inspiration flow and make it unique.

A workshop will usually include useful information about Angels and how to connect with them and bring them into your everyday life.  I think its important to make this spiritual information very practical and enjoyable.  My experience with the Angelic realm has always been so and this is why I am so passionate about sharing all I have learned.

Consequently, my workshops always include a healthy dose of my personal experiences.  This enables me to show how connecting with Angels really can improve your life in ways you can’t yet imagine.

Music is also a major force in my life and, over the years, I have come to realise that the music, melodies and lyrics that pour through me can have a wonderful effect on people.  Some songs will heal, some will transport you to higher realms, some will connect you with your Angelic guides and some will unlock deep soul information.  Through my guidance I always play a song or two at the workshops and use my music to do Guided Meditations (some of these too are available on CD).

The Guided Meditations can be journeys to sacred places like Angelic Retreats or to meet and connect with guides and great beings of light.  Great healing and understanding can take place when we allow ourselves to connect with our inner self through the simple art of meditation.  No previous experience of meditation is necessary to attend one of my workshops.

Depending on which Angel workshop you attend we will focus on a particular Angel or group of Angels such as Angels of Protection, Angels of Healing or Love and we may even do an exercise where we find out what particular Angels are working with you or want to connect with you.

Workshops available

Healing Angels

Connecting with the Seven Archangels

Meditation CDs

You might be interested in some of my meditation CDs which are available in the Shop.