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i flew down to Washington from Detroit and was picked up by Kathleen who took me to West Virginia. we`d only met on that brief occasion on top of the TOR in Glastonbury (see later ATLANTIS blogs for the full story… )DSC00288 so we talked away and she shared with me her Angel story…

whilst driving on a particularly wet stormy day ,the bad driving conditions led Kathleen to roll her 4 x 4 off the motorway and the crash.

as the car was turning over she saw and felt a large Angel wrap his arms and wings around her and tell her ” everything will be all right ”

she was heavily pregnant at the time and suffered a broken back and as the medics arrived and freed her from the car they told her she was just repeating ” everything will be all right ” in a kind of slow motion fashion.

miraculously the unborn baby was completely unharmed and she made a full recovery…still didn`t make me feel totally comfortable tho as she drove me along the motorway and the weather started to look black…” maybe i shouldn`t have mentioned the crash…” she smiled

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