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Scotty , Chanda and I walked down from the Roundtop battle site towards the trees at the bottom of the slope. We all went quiet and began to feel the atmosphere of the place.

from the corner of my eye i started to catch the movement of what seemed like shadows between the trees. whenever i glimpse shadows this way i know that there are either lost souls or Angels about.

as i closed my eyes and looked with my minds eye, the scene i`d just seen re created itself, all the trees and detail of this battlefield unfolded before me. then the shadowy people started to step from behind the trees or rise from the ground and as i looked they began to take on more human form.

each shadow became a civil war soldier, both union and confederate.
Scotty was standing with his rebel hat on and had been a confederate and survived that very battle. i was wearing a navy blue shirt, light blue trousers , black boots and a union kepi and couldn`t have looked more like a union soldier if i tried. i too had fought in this battle but hadn`t been as lucky as Scotty and died.

on some level we must still have been carrying the energy from that time and our physical appearance must have made us seem doubly acceptable to our ghostly friends gathering round. i decided to make a public address to our dead colleagues. this wasn`t some vain posturing ( there was no one else around ) but using the power of the spoken word to create a vibration that would open a doorway to help our ghostly friends and also explain what i hoped was going to happen so they wouldn`t be afraid.

” my friends, you can see i was once a union soldier ,who like yourselves died here, and my companion here Scotty was a confederate. once mortal enemies , now you can see we are friends ( and we symbolically embraced ).its time for you to be healed of your wounds and carry on your journey in the heavenly realm.”

i could see that some were still wary but others seemed to be smiling and relieved. i could hear no voices and then i continued
“don`t be afraid, i`m calling to Archangel Michael and his legions to come and rescue you. the angels will lift you into the light , don`t be afraid, you`re going to be united with your loved ones once more ”

i continued to invoke all the angels to come and assist and there was a huge column of light forming where we stood and angels appeared to be stepping out of it and escorting the soldiers inside , as if it were some cosmic heavenly lift.

many went in, some did not but as i saw all of this Scotty and Chanda pulled me from the vision as they said , “Richard , look directly above ”
through the gap in the trees , directly above us three buzzards circled.
“native American Indians say that the buzzard guards the doorway to the heavenly realms ”
” then they are awair of what we`re doing here, and are opening a portal , a doorway for these souls to cross “, i replied.

its always good to have outer confirmation of inner work. sometimes you wonder if your imagination is running riot, so i was really pleased mother nature was backing me up.

because so many souls were lost we went to several sites on this huge battlefield and repeated the action, helping as many souls cross as possible. wherever we went , the buzzards would appear overhead….DSC00430











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