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DSC00253DSC00234DSC00251DSC00227DSC00229DSC00233In February 2005 I was invited to do some stuff in America…
I was kindly invited to Play some acoustic songs and talk to some students at a private school in Michigan.
I flew into Detroit and after being detained by airport security because I had long hair , a guitar and I was doing spiritual talks which apparently seemed very suspicious , I was eventually rescued by the schools headmaster just as two rather large female security staff were putting on rubber gloves and beckoning me to the little grey room where cavity searches take place.

as we drove away , I have never felt such a relief and to this day the sight of marigolds breaks me into a cold sweat…

we arrived in a snow covered semi wilderness beauty…there was so much space and the rural setting after the grey of the motor city was truly breathtaking.

The next day i spent at the school and I roamed from class to class talking to the students and quickly coming to the opinion that the private American education system was far ahead of Britain. ..

these teachers really cared and the students often viewed them as an extension of their families.

the main reason for my invite was the the end of term concert held by teachers and students past and present. I had met the head while I was doing some spiritual work in Findhorn , Scotland and I was sitting outside a cafe strumming a song , when we connected and i was invited over..

I met some beautiful souls and hope the music connected with people but my journey was about other spiritual aspects unfolding…

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