scan0016 copyCD COVER - Angelman Show 1-2CD COVER - Angelman Show 1-17-Dark Edge - Rewind DREAMCATCHER - FRONT ONLY KEO-ODDS COVERsingles.fwAblums.fwwaking_dreamcover-miststo_the_skysongs_of_the_spiritkeogh0090scan0001A.psdKEO-BURNING NEED27965_381846258478_1526750_n9-Dark Edge - Live at the City FRONTPersistance10-Dark Edge - Looking for the Key FRONTK & S - Lord of the Woods - Sleeve FRONT ONLYThe Truth - BOTH WORLDS11-Dark Edge - Live at the Cafe D'Amour FRONTKEO-SHADOWSKEO-BBC COVERKEO-ASC COVERKEO-ROBIN COVER6-Dark Edge - COMMUNICATIONkeogh0031bdark edge album shotDARK EDGE - CD COVER8-Dark Edge - Dancing on the Edge FRONTkeogh0052