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About 2 weeks after connecting with the trees in Sutton park , I found myself taking a walk through the park again. I saw this huge tree I’d never noticed before and wondered how I couldn’t have seen this magnificent old spirit before ?

I stood a few feet away , closed my eyes and imagined stretching my auric field out to touch the tree. Energy follows thought. Imagination is the key that unlocks experiences.

I telepathically said hello and introduced myself .

There was a stillness and what seemed like a long pause. I was enjoying the silence and refreshing my memory about how it felt to reach out energetically and try to merge with nature. I felt a little confident after my experience a couple of weeks earlier , but it still came as a shock when the deep tones sounded in  my head..

” Hello ”

It was the tree ! I just heard the trees voice in my head . I could feel myself smiling from the core of my being.

I started an excited splurge of sounded a little like ,

” I’ve always felt this great connection with trees.. I love trees …do you think I might have been a tree spirit once in a previous life is , to feel this great empathy and connection ? ,  ”

These words tumbled out of my consciousness all at once..and when I’d finished , there was another long pause…

A pause that seemed to go on and on until in those deep cultured tones I heard,

“Quite possibly ”

Whether it was the tone or the timing , I found it quite comical and began to laugh inwardly…I hope it wasn’t outwardly as their were the odd few people I heard walking past and they must have already thought I was a mad meditating tree hugger…if I added laughing to myself to the list I could have been a case for sectioning…

I continued in an excited exchange,

” really do you think I might have been a tree , is it possible to choose any life form to experience life in ? ”

” anything is possible” came the trees reply.

By this time I was so excited that I was having a conversation with a tree , even if it was just in my head and could possibly be my imagination… (The answers, timing  and actual sound of the voice on reflection , were not something I would have conjured ) filled me with such joy and humour , that I did chuckle to myself and in that moment broke the spell, opened my eyes and looked around for my wife to share this conversation…

When you’re in the right zone , when you’re vibration is in alignment with whatever you’re connecting with and you don’t let doubt or human fear interfere I believe you can talk and hear any living form…

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