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Holidaying in Welsh pool , my wife and I were walking some country lanes. I began to think about my father  , his mother was proudly welsh speaking and he spent many holidays and visits with the welsh side of his family so being in wales must have triggered my thoughts. They soon became sad and wistful and I voiced out loud how I wished I’d had more time to play music with him. That I really missed him. I felt quite emotional.

A car approached and I stepped behind Marie to offer room for the car and slight protection for my wife.

The car slowed right down. It was white, I couldn’t tell you what make, but the window rolled half down and a white haired lady gave us this beautiful smile. The car then pulled away and I felt compelled to look at the number plate


My initials , my sacred numbers  ( master   and gateway numbers ) and then dad , which it what I always called my father. A message from dad , he was listening to me.

Later that night my wife felt a presence beside us as we sat watching a film , dad visiting ?

I rang my mother the next day to share this whole experience and she said that’s funny , I clearly heard his voice call my name yesterday…

There is no  real death , just change of address…

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