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Poor old Pan.  THE GREAT GOD PAN, the mighty being who takes care of the Elemental Kingdom has had a bit of a rough deal…

It all began when Christianity began replacing all the Pagan ways and anything that went before. The men who took over and regulated this organised religion, forgot that God created everything and decided obliterate this part of Gods creation.

One of the main ways to deter people from their pagan ways and make them more fearful and therefore controllable, was to create a very strong visual image for the devil himself and they did a fantastic pr job and spin by using the image of someone already very real for the people of the time and a real threat to the fabric of a dull controllable society…the rather exciting,  earthy and passionate God Pan.

So Fauns that unique combination of Man ( intellect and inspiration)  on the top half and the animalistic instinctive cloven hoofed legs representing the deeper divine mystery of the animal kingdom, became the Christian image of devilment and debauchery.

Although like any Elemental being ( or human)  that has been influenced to take a darker path, there are beings to be wary of, the vast majority of Pans beautiful Kingdom of Fauns and nature spirits are benign and wonderful creatures of God.

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