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There are two distinct types of elves,  tall elves and small elves.

Tall elves are a type of Angel. They follow their own divine blue print and outpicture themselves how they perceive themselves.  If they require to be seen in a body they appear in their natural tall graceful form.

This is the form the Nordic races originally saw and called Ilfen.they were seeing and recognising Angelic beings working with the human and nature realm.

They also saw their fallen counterparts the Dark Elves and these were part of the fallen Angels which also reside upon the Earth plane.

The small Elves are between 3 to 4 foot high and are the more commonly known form of elves in Europe. They are Elemental beings,  which are part of the Angelic hierarchy but are different to Angels and different to their 6 foot tall cousins

They have taken smaller forms for several reasons… Mainly it is the pattern of their etheric blueprint. Another major factor is that since the beginning of life as we know it,  Elemental beings have worked alongside man to expand the nature Kingdom. In these simpler and purer times mankind saw,  worked and communicated with all the nature spirits. They were an important and essential role in the life of humankind. They were often the difference between a successful crop or or death. Consequently many myths and stories were handed down and a definite look and set of characteristics developed for each different type of Elemental/ nature spirit.

Elementals by their very nature develop and grow through mimicry and study of higher beings. Originally mankind were perceived as such higher beings as we carried a divine spark and the ability to grow through the gift of free will.over the centuries as we moved away from our own higher nature and connection without hearts we became more violent and destructive.

The Elemental Kingdom reacted by withdrawing slightly and some of the more simpler and gentle beings began to be influenced and take on some of mankind’s lower ways. If you expose someone to a constant flow of negative characteristics, eventually they take them on.this is what happened to some of the Elemental beings and explains the root of some of the darker, meaner elementals that populate some of our myths and fairy stories.

Worse still was the treatment of Pan and the Fauns…






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